Stock announcement and bylaws changes

On Nov 23, 2010 I bought all of Guy’s shares, at $17 a share. Guy had been wanting out for years, and it seemed only fair to give him a little premium (he got most of his shares at $14, way back in the beginning). I was going to wait and announce his offer to sell in the report, etc. but that would have meant diddling yet again (we tried that last time, then dropped the ball). So I just did it. If any existing swampers want some of this, I’ll be glad to split it up to half (or thirds if 3 of us, etc.) (totals are 535.59 shares, $9,105). Or you can just get a few shares for whatever reason. Let me know in the next few weeks, no specific deadline, but let’s say by June 1, or before any big news breaks. Thanks, Guy, for letting us have lots of fun over the years.

  ( I went from an easily outvoted 16% to a solid majority 58%. This inspired some changes in our bylaws since we pretty much give all authority to the CEO. But if the the CEO owns a majority of shares, and, ahem, becomes a dingy old man, how are we going to not just get stuck in Alzheimersville? So Tomoe agreed to be a director, and she and Jim will have authority to fire me. Our new stockholders’ agreement & bylaws:  If you want to see just the changes, they are highlighted at the end. )

Last page is contact info.

Or you might want to go back to those pictures.



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